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Aurora and Beau litter born March 10, 2018

Zelda and Rebel litter born March 24, 2018

Puppy Stats

Aurora and Beau March 10, 2018 Litter

Growth Chart

Update: All the puppies have been picked and families are now just waiting for the last week to fly by so they can pick up their new baby. They are all so super sweet and friendly. They love attention and can't wait to be picked up and cuddled. They are so looking forward to going to their new families for a lot of one on one attention time.

Freddie (Beige) - Larger size. Gentle as can be and loves to play with the other puppies. Also loves attention and will come running over when you visit with him.

Ozzy (Black) - Avg size. Very playful and loves to wrestle around with the other puppies. He always runs over when he hears you enter the puppy area.

Prince (Purple) - Avg size. Quiet and gentle yet loves to play with the puppies. He does come over but is just a slight bit shyer than Ozzy or Freddie. Still comes over when you visit with him, just takes his time a little more than the other boys.

Bowie (Blue) - Small size (likely catch up in time to be avg in size). Very playful and loves lots of hands on attention. Super sweet.

Cyndi (Turquoise) - Avg size. Super friendly and loves attention. Also very playful and active with the other puppies. One of the first puppies to come running over when she hears you.

Blondie (Yellow) - Small size. A little shyer but getting better with all the attention over the last week. Comes over now when you go in with puppies and loves to play with the other puppies. 

Tina (Red) - Avg size. Calmer puppy who loves attention. She is super gentle but still loves a good play time with the other puppies.

Annie (Pink) - Small size. Very outgoing puppy with lots of energy. Loves everybody and always comes running over for a rub.

Green (Stevie) - Avg size. Calmer puppy who also loves lots of cuddles and attention. She loves to meet people and also loves playtime with the other puppies.

Zelda and Rebels March 24, 2017 Litter

Growth Chart

Update: It's puppy pick time so I posted some pictures the other day since I had a helping hand at that time. Will try to get some more up once I get someone to help me but kids away for the weekend. A little too hard to get them by myself as they really don't stay still, lol.

This litter is really hard to do bios on as so many of them are so similar. Most of the puppies are very laid back, quiet and all of them are super sweet. As for size, well they are all so close in size as well. No real big discrepancies. Heres what I got:

Darla (Red) - Has some good spunk as she really needed it to get along with so many boys. She is very sweet and loves attention but also a little bossy when putting those boys in their place. Lots of fun to watch her.

Alfalfa (Blue) - Comes running over as soon as you go in the room and loves to be picked up and snuggled. He is nice and calm but still loves to play and wrestle with his littermate.

Spanky (Black) - A real gentle soul. He is super calm and very snuggly. He is a little quieter than some of the others but still gets in and wrestles all the same.

Buckwheat (Beige) - A very sociable guy who comes running as soon as he hears you. Loves to be held and snuggled. He is a little darker than the others but is going to have very beautiful colouring. He will be a lot like his dad.

Froggy (Grey) - Super sweet puppy who is so calm and quiet. Loves a nice pet and snuggle and very playful when they are all wrestling together.

Porky (Turquoise) - A nice quiet, sweet puppy who thrives on attention. Just loves it when you pick him up and just snuggles right in.

Mickey (Green) - The most playful of the bunch when with his litter mates yet snuggly when he is one on one with you. He has a great personality and will be good for someone who wants a more active puppy.

Stymie (Purple) - Loves playing with his litter mates and with the toys. Carries the kongs around and chews away on them. He loves to check anything new out. He is super sweet and very calm. He is another puppy that is going to look a lot like his daddy in colouring. Not quite as dark as buckwheat but does have some darker patches with a lot of lighter highlights.

The Growth chart is updated regularly so that you can track the growth of all the puppies.

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2019 Planned Litters:

Spring 2019 (Estimating Aurora and Zelda's to be ready March/April 2019 and Casey could be earlier, same or later as she is still a mystery for us yet but will post updates as we know more)

Aurora and Beau 

Reservations Available: 4

2 Boys  2 Girls

Zelda and Beau

Reservations Available: 5

3 Boys  2 Girls

Casey and Beau

Reservations Available: 5

3 Boys  2 Girls


Interested in a KountryKozy puppy?

Reservation deposits are $300 (This is included in the price of the puppy). The current price for our puppies is $1850.  We only take 3 male and 3 female reservations for each litter. Once reservations are filled, a wait list is created. Once puppies arrive, remaining reservations are then filled based on the order of the wait list.

Puppy picks are made in the order the reservation deposit was received.

Puppy Pick Up Day:

Puppies are ready for pick up once they are 8 weeks old. Once puppies are ready for homes, if you are unable to pick up your puppy on going home day, a boarding fee will be charged. First night is $75 and each additional night is $25. Puppies require a lot of extra care at this age and it is also very stressful for the puppy on the first night alone (which in turn makes a long and stressful night on us). If you cannot pick your puppy up on pick up day and need him/her to stay with us, be sure to contact us and make arrangements as soon as possible.

How to reserve a puppy 

All prospective homes are screened by filling out a buyer's reservation/questionnaire form as we only want the puppies going to loving homes.  Buying a golden retriever is a commitment and we want to ensure that our puppies are not neglected and will be happy in their new homes.  All puppies will be CKC registered.  Pick is determined by acceptable application and receipt of a deposit.  Remaining balance will be due upon pick up of puppy.  All females are on site for meeting and viewing.  Puppies are raised on a large acreage in Strathcona County and are well socialized by our 15 year old twins.  See our testimonial page for client feed-backs of previous litters.

Please contact us for a reservation form or to view a copy of our purchase contract by emailing us at mailto:[email protected]

All puppies are sold on a CKC non-breeding agreement, are CKC registered, microchipped, given first vaccinations, dewormed and have an eighteen month health guarantee.