KountryKozy Golden Retrievers


Icewinds Northern Aurora

Born April 17, 2015. Aurora is English Cream. She has a great personality and just loves everybody. Has the nicest, softest brown eyes and a great playfulness, especially with the kids and stuffed animals. She is chalk full of mischief but so much fun.

Icewinds Zeldas Realm

Born on April 24, 2015. Zelda is also an English Cream Golden and is such a smart little girl. She has a small, gentle face. Zelda is a little princess who hates being in any trouble. She loves to please everyone and is such a gentle soul. 

Icewinds Berenayr Beau

Beau was born on Jan 20, 2017. He is an English Cream Golden and has a lot of spunk. He loves everybody and everything, especially all his people and stuffies. He is a very quick learner and is always eager for playtime with the girls. 

KountryKozy Casey's Crush

Casey is our newest addition. She was born on April 24, 2017. She is super sweet and has a very mild temperament. Loves to be at your feet and loves to play with all the other animals. Her and Beau are the best of buddies.

Sullivan's Klondike Rebel

We purchased Rebel in 2010. He was born in October of 2008. Rebel is CKC registered. He has a lot of light gold with some English lines. He is a very calm male who loves children and attention. Rebel is now retired.

Back to Back Breeding

At KountryKozy we have changed our breeding policy and now breed back to back. While we do breed every heat, we never breed first heat and sometimes not on second heat either depending on the age in which they have their second heat.

Recently at an AKC Dog Breeding Discussion held at Michigan State University with key note speaker Dr. Claudia Orlandi Ph.D. (AKC’s breeder of the year and author of The ABC’s of Dog Breeding) shocked many breeders when it was disclosed that there have been scientific studies to show that it is detrimental for dams to skip heat cycles. It was shared that once you have begun to mate a dam that you should NOT skip any heat cycles until she is completely finished breeding. A dam is said to be “finished” breeding when her litter size is drastically decreased. The study involved following females that were bred every heat cycle and females that were bred every other heat cycle. After they were “finished” breeding, the dams were spayed and their uterus dissected.

Those showing most stress, and damage of the uterus were the females that were bred “every other” heat cycle. Part of the rational that skipping heat cycles is harmful stems from the fact that with consecutive heat cycles there is no “flushing action” of the uterus, which normally occurs by having a litter of puppies. The female will go through Estrus no matter if she is bred or not and by breeding a healthy dam back to back, can lessen the chances of the female experiencing pyometra, infections and false pregnancy. The choice to breed or not, should be contingent upon the goals the breeder has and for sure the mental and physical health of the female, above all else.

I pulled a few interesting points from the following:

Revisiting back to back breeding

February 5, 2011

By Dr Kate Schoeffel

It is frequently claimed that breeding dogs on every heat or “back to back breeding” is bad for a bitch’s long term health and well being. However the research in canine reproduction shows that not breeding a dog when it comes into heat can in fact be bad for its health. Scientist have shown that pseudopregnancy [‘phantom pregnancy’] increases the risk of mammary cancers which are the second most common cancer in dogs after skin tumors and are 3-5 times more common than breast cancers in women

Skipping cycles in breeding has been linked to mammary cancer. Pregnancy protects against life threatening uterine diseases. The most common uterine disease in the bitch is cystic endometrial hyperplasia. It is linked to several serious uterine diseases including the potentially life threatening disease “pyometra”(literally – a uterus full of pus) which affects nearly one quarter of dogs under 10 years old which are not desexed.