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Covid-19 Notices from the Canadian Kennel Club that may be of interest:

Working Together to Protect Breeders and Puppy Buyers from Fraudulent Activity

Animals and Covid-19

Temporary Visition Policy During Covid-19

Our Visitation Policy during Covid-19 has been modified from our regular policy.

We are not allowing visitors until we feel that the risk of Covid-19 has subsided. We have several testimonials on our website as to the temperament of our puppies and of our breeding program so hopefully this can help alleviate any anxiety you may have with not being able to pre-visit prior to continuing on with a puppy purchase.

We will be posting regular updates and pictures (at least weekly) to ensure that families purchasing a puppy are able to see the puppies as they grow through to the day they are able to pick up the puppy.

At this time, puppy picks will be done via videos, pictures and descriptions of each puppy in the order of the reservation list.

It is still very unclear whether the virus can be transferred between dogs and humans. Some articles state that this does not happen, however, when you return to Canada from out of Country, one of the directives is to avoid contact with animals as there have been several reports of people transmitting Covid-19 to their pets. We have decided to take the suggestion from the government that it could be possible.

This change is not only to protect our family and our dogs, but also to protect any visitors.

Thank you for your understanding. 

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