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I have never been one to give my dogs supplements or to recommend to any of my puppy families that they give supplements to their puppies/dogs but one of the breeders we talk to regularly highly recommended NuVet to us. I decided to purchase some to test it out and after giving them to all of our dogs including our new addition who is still a very young pup, we have noticed that their coats are looking great and this made us wonder what other things are going on inside to benefit the health of all of them. We will continue to supplement all of our own dogs as well as all the puppies that they produce prior to them heading out to their new adoptive families. We highly recommend that the families continue on with the use as I believe that using these supplements in the first two years of a puppy's life, while it is doing most of its growing, can be most beneficial. After that, it is just a bonus to help keep you dog healthy and vibrant.

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Please be aware that all prices on the website are in US dollars. Shipping is done out of a warehouse in Canada so there will be no incurred duty for delivery.

Canadian orders cannot be made online as these shipments need to be redirected to the Canadian warehouse so the orders must be called in and the order code above will also need to be used.

NuVet is not available in stores.

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