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**We still have one male reservation spot available**

Welcome to our new litters! Moms are doing great and puppies are growing so fast.

Kinz and Beau

Born May 23, 2024. 

2 Male and 3 Female

This litter is all about Yellowstone. Here is the naming scheme:


Black Collar - Rip

Blue Collar - Kayce


Red Collar - Beth

Pink Collar - Teeter

Yellow Collar - Summer

Bunny and Beau

Born May 28, 2024. 

2 Male and 3 Female

This litter is all about Trees. Here is the naming scheme:


Green Collar - Ash

Black Collar - Oak


Purple Collar - Willow

Orange Collar - Maple

Pink Collar - Magnolia

**Pictures will be posted and new ones added periodically in the Photo Gallery tab (Kinz and Beau Litter May 23, 2024 and Bunny and Beau Litter May 28, 2024).  Albums will be at the bottom of the page).  Once you enter the album, if you click on a picture, it will switch to one picture at a time with a title telling you which puppy it is and a description if there is one.

Week 3

During their third week, most of the puppies will start to stand and sit and begin to wander about.

Their little bums are wiggling, and little tails are wagging. They are also just starting to show their own personalities in a very small way.

They are interacting a lot more and are just starting to play, growl, and yip at each other. You do get the odd bark as well but I think it surprises them as much as us. It is very fun to watch.

This is also the point at which the puppies will start teething.

Week 2

Mid way through week 2 the puppies eyes will begin to open. Ears open at this point too and the puppies will begin to hear.

They also begin to look more like puppies as their heads and faces start to be more defined.

The puppies will also start to use their back legs a lot more and will pretty much stand up and wobble about. Not quite strong enough to walk yet but they sure will try.

We are handling the puppies a lot more now and have begun socialization with them. While playing with them, we will start to see a few personalities come out this week.


Next Litter...


Reservtion spots are available.


Interested in a KountryKozy puppy?

Reservation deposits are $400 (This is included in the price of the puppy). Current price of a puppy is $2150.

***Please see our visitation policy at the bottom of the Breeding Information page here -Visitation Policy

***Please see our vaccination information page here. We no longer vaccinate our puppies unless requested at 7-8 weeks of age. This page will highlight our reasoning behind this change - Vaccinations

Puppy Pick Up Day:

Puppies are ready for pick up once they are 7-8 weeks old. Once puppies are ready for homes, if you are unable to pick up your puppy on going home day, a boarding fee will be charged. First night is $75 and each additional night is $25. Puppies require a lot of extra care at this age and it is also very stressful for the puppy on the first night alone (which in turn makes a long and stressful night on us). If you cannot pick your puppy up on pick up day and need him/her to stay with us, be sure to contact us and make arrangements as soon as possible.

How to reserve a puppy:

All prospective homes are screened by filling out a buyer's reservation/questionnaire form as we only want the puppies going to loving homes. Buying a golden retriever is a commitment and we want to ensure that our puppies are not neglected and will be happy in their new homes. All puppies will be CKC registered. Pick is determined by acceptable application and receipt of a deposit. Remaining balance will be due upon pick up of puppy. All females are on site for meeting and viewing. Puppies are raised on a large acreage in Strathcona County and are well socialized by our kids and the families adopting them. See our testimonial page for client feed-backs of previous litters.

Please contact us for a reservation form or to view a copy of our purchase contract by emailing us at

All puppies are sold on a CKC non-breeding agreement, are CKC registered, vet checked, microchipped, dewormed and have an eighteen month health guarantee. We perform ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) to our puppies. All our puppies go home with the 6 Week Headstart Trial Pet Insurance Program through Pets Plus Us

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